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In Commercial Cleaning, the Small Details Make a Big Difference.

Our business began with a vision of what a commercial cleaning service should be. Through our own experiences as office workers and business owners, we’ve witnessed, first-hand, the shortcomings of far too many janitorial services. And, we see each of them as huge opportunities.

Crescendo Professional Cleaning Services takes a holistic approach to our trade. We take our role very seriously and hire only those whom we feel share and exemplify our values. We adopt technology and best practices to increase efficiency, thereby, leaving us more time for the small details that make a big difference. And we know that going the extra mile is what makes our clients shine.

Our promise is to earn your business every day.

Name It and We’ll Find a Way to Get It Done.

Our quest is to be the best in our field. That means going above and beyond what is expected of a cleaning service and never saying, “It cannot be done.” It means treating our customers, colleagues and employees with respect. It means building a network of trusted partners that enables us to offer services beyond our primary discipline, yet with the same level of professionalism. It means standing by our word and maintaining an open relationship with our clients that lets them know there is nothing they cannot tell us. If there’s a special request, we’ll find a way to get it done. If there’s problem, we’ll fix it and make sure it never happens again.

We take care of our customers because we appreciate them and are thankful for their business. We also value new business referrals, since it reaffirms what we do and helps grow our own business. After all, we’re all in this together.

Continuous Improvement in Everything We Do

Crescendo Cleaning always strives to make things better for our clients, colleagues and staff. We’ve adopted a comprehensive safety plan that protects our customers, their assets and employees. We’re furthering our own effectiveness with education programs that help our employees grow as professionals and individuals. We’ve embraced technology and procedures that increase our effectiveness and gives our customers more bang for their buck. Every one of our partners is pre-qualified to ensure that they share our values and follow best practices. The quality of our work and theirs is a reflection of who we are.

Daniel Lynch

Daniel Lynch


“Knowing your space is clean and healthy, the office is comfortable and worry-free and you’re putting the best face forward for potential and existing customers. That’s what I will help you with.”

Dan Lynch is a business graduate of Penn State University, small business owner and former cubicle farmer. Having spent over two decades in various professions, from construction to banking, in a multitude of office settings, Dan realized janitorial clients are being under-served by what he experienced on a daily basis. He is determined to form strong professional partnerships with his clients to ensure they are receiving the maximum value for their dollar. He has a relentless work ethic, high expectations of himself, his company and his employees, and values open and honest communication. Dan grew up in Franklin Park, PA, and is the father of three boys.

Let’s talk about your commercial cleaning needs and how Crescendo can help. Contact us any time.

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