Commercial Cleaning Services

Right & Ready for the Next Day.

Crescendo Professional Cleaning Services’ daily routine includes tasks typically not performed by other commercial cleaning services. Our unwavering attention to even the smallest details brings to every job a level of service our customers value and have come to expect. No cutting corners or rushing through our daily duties. If it’s not done just right, it’s wrong.

Simply put, we treat every space like it’s our own. And our clients say it shows.

Get It Seriously Clean

At Crescendo Cleaning, we take our business very seriously and always expect the best of ourselves and our partners. We employ and sub-contract only those whom we know will uphold our promise and perform to our own high standards. And, we’ve embraced the latest technology and techniques to give you the most for your money. To that end, we bring to every job the personnel and equipment necessary to be certain that every task gets done on time and without compromise. Your business deserves no less.

Commercial Cleaning Services Done Just Right

Crescendo Professional Cleaning Services provides general cleaning services to small and large office buildings, apartment complexes, public and retail establishments, industrial and manufacturing facilities, and more.

Our service areas include interiors and exteriors of entries, flooring and carpeting, walls and windows, furniture and upholstery, kitchens, break rooms, restrooms, and trash collection/removal. Special attention is given to areas often overlooked by ordinary janitorial services. Extra care includes spot cleaning of carpets, tile and glass, wiping fingerprints from around light switches, cleaning the tops of picture frames and making sure your doors are wiped for fingerprints.

Begin Every Day on a High Note

Employees typically spend about one-third of their adult lives in the workplace. So, you want to give them a fresh start every day. Having sanitary surroundings has been shown to help reduce unwanted health issues. Those who work in cleaner environments generally have higher morale and productivity. When customers and clients enter an establishment that looks spotless and smells fresh, they often gain confidence in the business or service being offered there.

There are real tax benefits of outsourcing your cleaning service. Hiring a cleaning company usually costs less than having employees do the work. Just knowing that your facility is maintained up to the highest standards gives you one less thing to worry about. It just makes good business sense.

What We Offer and Who We Serve

Commercial Cleaning Services

Whole Carpet & Rug Cleaning, Carpet Spot Removal

Routine Carpet Vacuuming

Hard-Surface Floor Care

Urethane Floor Finishes

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Floor Refinishing & Buffing

High & Low Dusting

Window Cleaning

Upholstery & Furniture Cleaning

Fabric Office Systems, Panel & Cubicle Cleaning

Trash Collection and Disposal

Restroom Cleaning

Kitchen/Break Room Cleaning

Special Event Clean Up

Seasonal & Annual Cleaning

Business Types We Serve

Small & Large Offices

Apartment Buildings

Financial Institutions

Religious Facilities

Hotel & Resorts

Industrial/Manufacturing Facilities

Event Facilities

Government Buildings

Retail Stores


Schools & Universities

Gyms & Fitness Facilities

Car Dealerships


Daycare Centers

We’re able to tailor our cleaning services to fit your unique needs. If your business faces local, state or federal regulatory compliance, you have specific security requirements, or you need cleaning done during certain hours, we can develop a plan that suits you best.

Specialized services are also available. Contact us and tell us what you need.

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