Our Promise

Our Promise

At Crescendo, we’re taking commercial and office cleaning beyond wiping and washing. We’ve embraced the latest technologies to bring effectiveness and efficiency to our practice. We’ve implemented systems, procedures and continuous improvement initiatives to make the best of our time and, more importantly, your money. And we’re committed to proper stewardship of our planet and your workspace by adopting green techniques wherever possible.

Our Goal Is to Earn Your Business Every Day.

We’ve assembled an unbelievably talented core team that shares our values, is passionate in their work and are professional in every task they do, no matter how large or small. They understand our clients’ expectations and take pride and share ownership in upholding our promise to them. That means getting the job done right, on time and without compromise. As a team, we continually go the extra mile to maintain our good reputation and find ways to grow as a team. The quality of our work reflects it. And our repeat business validates it.

Crescendo Professional Cleaning Services performs all of the standard duties expected from a cleaning company, including emptying garbage, cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, vacuuming, mopping, dusting, and cleaning windows. However, we can tailor the duties, extra work and frequency to the needs of each individual customer.

Let Us Help You Put Your Best Face Forward

Few things are as important to a business owner than the peace of mind in knowing that their space is clean, comfortable and worry-free. It’s essential that you put your best face forward when people visit your office or facility. Crescendo Cleaning listens tentatively and values ongoing communication with our customers to understand what is most important to them. And we strive to fulfill their expectations day in and day out.

We believe that our contributions to your business can reach well beyond the daily tasks we perform. We help enable you to maintain good employee health and morale by providing a clean and comfortable setting where they spend a majority of their days. And, we contribute to increasing a company’s profitability through tax benefits, work space efficiencies and helping them make the best first impression to visitors.


Our Guarantee. If It’s Not Just Right, It’s Wrong.

We take pride in our work and find personal dissatisfaction when something isn’t quite right. People trip-up from time to time, so, if there is ever anything that is missed or you are not completely satisfied, please let us know and we will, within 24 hours or at your earliest convenience, return to correct the situation at no cost. If, after the correction has been made, you are still not satisfied, your next cleaning is free.

Not Sure Where to Begin?

Let’s arrange a visit to your facility, at your convenience, to talk about your needs and how Crescendo Cleaning can fulfill them.

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